Blomberg OEN9331XP built in oven Multi-function Pyrolytic Self-cleaning,71Litra,A -20% Stainless Steel,5 years warranty

Blomberg OEN9331XP built in oven Multi-function Pyrolytic Self-cleaning,71Litra,A -20% Stainless Steel,5 years warranty


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Pyrolytic Self-cleaning

When it comes to heavy-duty cleaning, our pyrolytic self-cleaning programmes do all the hard work for you, heating up to 480°C to burn off stubborn dirt. The residue can be easily wiped away at the end of the cleaning cycle, leaving you with an oven that’s impeccably clean, with scarcely any effort from you.

Fully Programmable Touch Control LED Display

Bringing harmony to your life at home, our fully programmable touch control LED display makes navigating your oven smooth and simple. Equipped with a time delay function of up to 24 hours, you’ll be able to programme the oven to begin cooking at a time that’s most convenient to you.

FanPlus Cooking

Thanks to True Convection Cooking you can rely on your oven to cook everything from roasted meat to your home-baked creations, thoroughly and evenly. A heating element surrounding the fan provides uniform heat throughout the entire oven cavity, delivering fast and perfectly even cooking results.

Fan Grilling

Ideal for cooking fish or cuts of meat, our fanned grill function uses the combination of grilling and fan circulation to evenly distribute the oven’s heat. The result is a perfectly even, crispy finish – without you needing to flip the food while it’s cooking.


Use our oven’s convenient defrost function to thaw your food quickly and hygienically.

Push-in Pop-out Control Dials

Blomberg’s built-in ovens have become even more seamless; our control dials can be pushed in when your appliance isn’t being used, offering a smooth and harmonious blend with your kitchen cabinets.


Providing a healthier alternative to frying, our dedicated grill allows you to evenly brown your food while sealing in juices to deliver delicious flavour.

Easy to Remove Side Racks

The side racks inside the oven cavity can be easily removed, making cleaning your oven smooth and simple.