SAGE SGR700BSS4GEU1 BBQ & Press™ Grill ,

SAGE SGR700BSS4GEU1 BBQ & Press™ Grill ,


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  • Power: 1510–1800W
  • Ceramic non-stick plates
  • 1500 cm² grilling surface
  • 3 Programs: Panini, Burger and Sear
  • Adjusts the angle of the base to drain fats or can be used to make perfectly flat eggs, pancakes and toasted sandwiches
  • Brushed Stainless Steel

Shortcuts increase convenience: pre-programmed one-touch Panini, Burger and Steak functionalities create ideal cooking environment and perfect results for your favourite foods.

Open flat BBQ mode

Open the grill flat for a bigger grilling and griddle surface. Makes grilling steaks, burgers or seafood a cinch and cooks eggs and pancakes to perfection. Removable drip tray works in BBQ or contact mode and catches the fat whilst cooking. Outdoor grilling has now found a new home on your benchtop.

Independent plae temperature control

The electronic temperature control on each plate puts you in command. When opened on the BBQ mode, you now have the ability to cook a great variety of food that require different temperatures independently. Endless food combinations to keep you cooking morning, noon and night.

Reversible ceramic grill and griddle plates

Sizzle bacon and eggs for breakfast, toast panini sandwiches for lunch, cook steaks for dinner, make waffles for dessert. Non-stick and natural coating enables the dual sided convenience. With hotter temperatures, ceramic plates allow more browning, better crust and are completely PFOA and PTFE free.

Waffle plates compatible

Add versatility to your grill with premium quick release non-stick coating ceramic waffle plates. The No-mess Moat design feature prevents waffle batter to spill out and onto your benchtop. Dishwasher safe.

Easy to clean

PTFE and PFOA free grill and griddle ceramic plates ensure an easy cleaning by hand. Or just pop the plates out and put them in the dishwasher for easy and convenient clean up.