INDESIT IFW6841IX 71LT A+ , Built-in Oven

INDESIT IFW6841IX 71LT A+ , Built-in Oven


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Type: Electric
    Energy efficiency class: A +
    Height (cm): 59.5
    Width (cm): 59.5
    Power consumption, conventional operation (kWh): 0.89
    Useful volume (of the interior) (liters): 71
    Energy consumption, accelerated air circulation system (kWh): 0.69
    Depth (cm): 55.1
    Integrated Cleaning System: Hydrolytic
    Control type: Electronic
    Color: Inox
Turn & Cook

The innovative Turn & Cook makes cooking delicious and relaxing.
 Enjoy over 80 delicious recipes that take just one hour.


The Click & Clean feature allows you to easily and quickly remove the glass from
 the oven door for easier cleaning.


The Static program ensures the even distribution of heat inside the oven helping you
 to cook perfect dishes to run your saliva.


The Grill function is ideal for grilling meat, fish and toast and saves time and energy.

Air grill

The versatile Grill-Air program combines the practicality of grilling with efficient 
ventilation for fast and uniform cooking.

Freasy Cook

Freasy Cook technology saves time by allowing you to cook food straight from the freezer,`
 without having to defrost it first.

Capacity XXL

XXL Capacity means you have all the space you need to free up the chef you are
 hiding inside as it provides you with a very large oven interior and a larger tray.

Full Grill Surface
The Full Surface Grill provides all the space you need for delicious recipes 
on the grill to run your saliva.

Many levels

The multi-level design allows you to cook different dishes on each oven grill 
without mixing the smells with delicious results.

Cooking XL

The XL Cooking plan allows you to release the chef you are hiding inside 
as it offers you all the space needed for large dishes in the oven and bakes
 them to perfection. Ideal for large grills!

Keeping food hot

The Hot Food Program is ideal for reheating bread and brioche or keeping the roast 
at the right temperature while treating your guests (or trying to get the kids to sit at the table).


The Pizza program is designed for you to enjoy the perfect pizza as it ensures the ideal 
flow and distribution of heat inside the oven for a delicious and crunchy result. Good appetite!

Eco Air

The Eco Air program is designed to cook delicious and juicy roasts and other 
recipes that require the right humidity. The hot air is regulated and circulates gently 
at the right volume ensuring delicious food.

Grill with gradient

The convenient tilt design of the grill allows you to reach and clean the 
inside of the oven easily by simply tilting the grill.

Optimal Lighting

The Optimal Lighting design ensures better visibility inside the oven so you 
can always see what is being baked.

Eco Clean

Use natural steam cleaning to clean your oven. Eco Clean needs a pan of water, 
heat 90 ° C and 35 minutes to remove food and oil residues from the oven cavity.