MILL PA1500WIFI3 Invisible WiFi Panel Heater 1500W, 5 Years Warranty

MILL PA1500WIFI3 Invisible WiFi Panel Heater 1500W, 5 Years Warranty


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  • Recommended room size: 18-22 m2
  • Aluminium heating element: high efficiency and low surface temperature
  • WiFi connected + control via app
  • Scandinavian design Complements the modern home
  • Energy efficient Reduced energy consumption
  • 10 heat settings: adjust the wattage to your needs
  • Temperature calibration function
  • IP classification: IPX4 (Approved for use in bathrooms zone 2)
  • Open window function: switches off the heater automatically when a window is opened
  • OTA (Over the Air) updates allowing new features to be added to the software
  • Material front: Steel
  • Colour: White
  • Cord: White, 130 cm
  • Placement cord outlet: Right side
  • Grounded connection: Yes
  • LOT20 Compatible – EU efficiency standard
  • Product size (W x D x H cm): 85,0 x 10,3 x 40,0 cm
  • Weight (Kg): 5,4

Mill WiFi panel heaters give you the best of both worlds. Innovative technology that helps you reduce your electricity consumption, combined with Scandinavian design that blends in with to your interior.

PID control

First panel heater with PID control heating technology. When desired temperature is reached, the heater will maintain this temperature by lowering the power level, resulting in a more stable heating with less fluctuation in temperature.

Predictive heating

The panel heater will heat the room so that the desired temperature is reached at a specific time. The heater learns how fast the room goes up/down in temperature over time. That way, it will know when to start heating to achieve your desired temperature at the time you have scheduled in the Mill-app.

Easy connection

Seamless and easy connection with Bluetooth that automatically connects the device to your WiFi network, regardless of the type of router you have.

Silent operation

Mill WiFi panel heaters are silent when operating, which means there is no clicking sound when the temperature goes up and down.

Child safety lock

Activate the child lock in the Mill app to lock all buttons on the control panel of the heater. This prevents nosy little fingers from adjusting the temperature or turn the heater on and off.

Commercial lock

Ensures that you as a landlord have control over the temperature and electricity consumption in the rental properties in the Mill app.

In the Mill App, you can program the temperature to automatically adjust to your daily routines, which ensures everyday comfort and saves you from unnecessary expenses and electricity usage. The minimalistic, elegant shape fits organically with any interior design and has made Mill Invisible a design icon in the heater industry, winning the Red Dot Design Award in 2022