VOX TDM-715TQ Condenser tumble dryer 7 Kg , WHITE , B Energy Class

VOX TDM-715TQ Condenser tumble dryer 7 Kg , WHITE , B Energy Class


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  • Capacity: 7Kg
  • B Energy Class
  • Sensor Dryin
  • Condenser tumble dryer

During drying, moisture is extracted from the laundry and turned into liquid, i.e. condensation is performed. The water is collected in a special container, easy to empty by hand after drying. Condensing models do not have a drain pipe, so it is possible to install an appliance in any room.

  • SimpleClean filter

A filter that collects fibres and hairs from clothes is located on the door of the dryer. For optimal drying results and an appliance operation, the filter is recommended to be cleaned after each program.

  • Capacitor filter

A filter for additional purification of water extracted from the laundry,  located at the bottom of the machine. Depending on the model, it is not necessary to clean it so often.

  • Delicate

A program is intended for drying more sensitive fabrics such as silk and clothing likely to wrinkle, such as shirts. After drying at lower temperatures cycle, laundry gets minimally wrinkled and is almost ready to wear.

  • Refresh

A program provides 10 minutes of ventilation without heating as to freshen clothes. An ideal option when it comes to clothes that smell of tobacco smoke, such as jackets, suits and other pieces.

  • Baby Care

A program for drying sensitive children’s clothes at low temperatures

  • Shirts 12′

A program for gentle drying of 2 to 3 shirts without wrinkling, in just 12 minutes.

  • Rapid 29′

A program for well-squeezed laundry, for the amount of up to 2 kg of cotton clothes.

  • 10′/30′/60′

It is possible to choose some of the fast programs at low temperature: 10, 30 or 60 minutes. These programs are ideal for drying small amounts of clothing.

  • DelayStart

This option activation enables a wash cycle delay start by up to 24 hours. Time intervals depend on the model.

  • ChildLock

The safety lock function prevents unwanted activation of the appliance, during children’s play, for instance.

  • SleekDrum

A capacity of over 100 L leaves enough space to get your dried laundry wrinkle-free. All models have galvanized stainless steel drums.

  • AntiCrease

By activating the option, drying at the end of the program is prolonged for another extra hour. Steam additionally prevents the laundry wrinkling during this process.

  • TwoWaySwing

A two-way drum rotation softens fabrics and enables the most gentle drying, resulting in minimally wrinkled laundry.

  • MoistDetect

After completing the selected program, this sensor measures the temperature and residual humidity and recognizes whether the laundry is dry enough or it is still necessary to extend the drying time

  • DryLogic

Thanks to this technology, the machine recognizes when it is half full. Eco-saving mode is automatically started, which shortens the drying time and additionally saves electricity

  • SuperSize Display

A larger display for a clearer view, to see remaining operating time, selected mode and other important functions.